Vintages Article – Innovation Nation

A feature article in the September 17, 2016 issue of Vintages showcases Foreign Affair Winery as an innovator with the production of Apologetic Red.

In the article Len Crispino, proprietor of Foreign Affair Winery, is quoted, “When we began Foreign Affair in 2001, we wanted to add something new to the range of great wines being made here, so we focused on producing only appassimento-style wines… there was no guidebook to follow in Ontario, and we lost a lot of grapes to missteps in the early years. Grape drying is an exacting process, and there are no shortcuts. Over time, we developed a 57-step ‘continuum of care’, from vineyard to bottle, to ensure quality at all stages. We now make red and white appassimento wines, and we are the first to produce an Amarone-style rose. It has been a hard road, but challenging expectations is how you grow.”