We are thrilled to announce that René Van Ede has accepted the position of Winemaker at The Foreign Affair Winery. 

René is a pillar of the Niagara wine region, and comes to us from a long tenure as Head Winemaker at Tawse & Redstone Winery. "Showing the world what Niagara fruit can do" drives Rene to create bold, elegant wines, and with the incredible team at Foreign Affair behind him, we can't wait to taste the results of Rene's passion for his work.

Our Assistant Winemaker, Alyssa Tharby, says goodbye to one mentor, and hello to another. After 3 vintages with Foreign Affair, Alyssa will be a guiding light for René when it comes to the traditional approach to Appassimento winemaking, as well as a source of knowledge of the storied history of the winery.

While goodbyes are always tough, we know that this farewell to Barclay Robinson as our winemaker is not forever. Barclay will always hold a special place in our hearts, and his legacy at Foreign Affair will live on. We will look forward to keeping up with Barclay's journey, as he heads to the west coast to pursue an incredible opportunity at Road 13 Vineyards.

Goodbye Barclay! You will be missed!

Welcome René, we are thrilled to have you on our team!