The first vines ever planted at our Crispino Estate Vineyard were Cabernet Franc for a reason: this is the wine our Founders, Len and Marisa Crispino, had always imagined would inspire others, this is the wine they knew would prove that Appassimento had a place in Ontario winemaking. And so, it's time we recognized this incredible legacy...

In honour of of our Founders, the 2017 vintage of our 100% Appassimento Cabernet Franc debuts new label art and a new moniker: L'Eredita, meaning legacy. This wine is not meant to be released until next year, but we simply couldn't wait to give you a preview. 

As part of a limited time offer, you now have access to past, present, and future vintages of 
the 100% Appassimento Cabernet Franc, including the L'eredita. 


Cabernet Franc 2015

100% Appassimento, 60 days of drying
Barrel aged 18 months in French oak

On the nose, this wine has layers of sweet black figs, dates, raisin pie, dark coffee, caramel and spice. The palate is intense with elegant tannin structure and flavours to match the nose. The long finish brings out notes of toasted oak and baking spice.


Cabernet Franc 2016

100% Appassimento, 100 days of drying
Barrel aged 18 months in French oak

With aromas of dried cherry, fresh figs, caramel, vanilla bean, fruit compote, cigar tobacco and spice. The palate is bold, with elegant balance and complexity. Layered flavours of dried fruit, fig, coffee and subtle caramel supported by elegant tannins which lead to a long, warm finish.

Cabernet Franc 2017

100% Appassimento, 125 days of drying
Aged 18 months in French oak

With rich aromas of dried fig, cassis, blackberry compote, chocolate, coffee and leather. Full, smooth flavours characterize the palate. With elevated but balanced levels of fruit, tannin, oak, acidity and alcohol combining to make this wine an incredibly luxurious experience. 



Pair these wines with a selection of aged cheese, charcuterie, pickled items, fresh fruit and baguette. For a main dish, look for something slow-braised, tender, and rustic. For dessert, serve with rich, dark chocolate or a fine cigar.