Appassimento & Antipasto Gift Set

The ultimate gift for the wine lover on your list. This box includes a bottle of our iconic L’Eredita Cabernet Franc 2017 red wine, a set of 3 specialty antipasto (Artichoke Bruschetta, Sundried Cherry Tomatoes & Pickled Eggplant) and a Canadian-made charcuterie board. 

The Antipasto & Appassimento Gift Set arrives wrapped and ready! All you have to do is order. Ship to your door, or directly to the recipient. Would you like us to include a special gift message? Make sure to include instructions in the 'Notes' section of the checkout. 

What's in the box

  • L'Eredita Cabernet Franc 2017 wine (750 ml)
    • A sneak-peek release of our 100% Appassimento Cabernet Franc red wine. Full bodied, elegant and smooth with aromas and flavours of dried fig, cherry, cassis, blackberry compote, chocolate, coffee and leather.
  • Artichoke Bruschetta, Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes & Pickled Eggplant
    • 3 jars of incredible Italian antipasto (Artichoke Bruschetta 314ml, Sundried Cherry Tomatoes 200ml & Pickled Eggplant 300ml), the perfect accompaniments to any charcuterie and cheese board. 
  • Black Walnut Serving Board
    • Serve your charcuterie, cheese and antipasto atop this Canadian made board! 


    Customize the wine you receive with this gift set

    Our suggested pairing is the L'Eredita Cabernet Franc, but if you prefer a white wine, rosé wine or an even bigger, bolder red, then select from below: 

    Our suggestion

    L'eredita 2017 $150


    Viognier 2019 $63.95


    Amarosé 2019 $59.95

    Bigger, Bolder Red

    Gran Q 2015 $190