Wine Club Member Exclusive Event - Session One

Wine Club Member Exclusive Event - Session One
Date: Saturday, October 19th
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Price: $35.00+ HST per guest
Location: Winery Barrel Cellar
Members at this event will be part of an in-depth barrel education seminar featuring our Winemaker, Barclay Robinson, and guest speaker, Dr. Don Livermore, the Master Blender of J.P. Wiser's and 2019’s ‘Blender of the Year’!
These two masters of their craft partnered up last year to begin an exciting new project: Dr. Don would age some of his whisky in a Foreign Affair 100% Appassimento Cabernet Sauvignon barrel, and Barclay would age our 2017 Partial-Appassimento Cabernet Sauvignon in Don’s whisky barrels. This member-exclusive event will be a deep-dive into this incredible undertaking!
Each session will include a structured tasting led by Dr. Don and Barclay. Compare and contrast the different aromas and flavours to be found in a glass of both our NEW Whisky Barrelled Cabernet Sauvignon and our traditionally oaked Cabernet Sauvignon. Follow grape with grain in a sample of premium Canadian whisky.
The tasting will be paired with a selection of charcuterie, artisanal cheese and antipasto. This event is not to be missed!
Limit of 4 tickets per Membership
This event is a Wine Club exclusive. If you love Foreign Affair wines and are thinking about joining our benefit-rich Wine Club, click here to learn more.