Private Virtual Tastings

Private & Customized It could not be easier to set up a fun virtual event with friends and family. All you have to do is book your date and time...

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Bigs Reds, Warm Hearts

Our partial Appassimento Syrah and Whisky Barrelled Cabernet Sauvignon are both relatively new to The Foreign Affair Winery portfolio. They both represent our innovative spirit - the team at the winery...

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Sommelier's Table - Tourtière du Shack

From our Sommelier's table - Ed Haddon's recipe for Tourtière du Shack. Pair this rich and earthy dish with our Chardonnay, or Dream!

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New Years News

The Foreign Affair Winery starts 2021 off with a delighted bang! With over $1000 raised for Food Banks Canada, and the honour of being named in VineRoutes lif of 'Top 20 Wineries of 2020'!

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The Legacy Continues

The first vines ever planted at our Crispino Estate Vineyard were Cabernet Franc for a reason: this is the wine our Founders, Len and Marisa Crispino, had always imagined would inspire...

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