Sussreserve Riesling 2023


Our first certified Sustainable wine by the Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario Program.

This Riesling was traditionally fermented then blended with appassimento Riesling juice for the final blend.

Tech Specs

  • ABV 9.6%
  • Vintage 2023
  • Varietal Riesling

Tasting notes

Bright citrus notes—lemon and lime—playfully intertwine. Dried apricot reappears, a sweet echo of summer. The zesty sherbet dances across your taste buds, refreshing and lively. This wine strikes a delicate balance: off-dry sweetness meets crisp acidity. It’s as if nature herself composed this delightful elixir—a celebration of sun, soil, and vine. Sip slowly, savor each note.

Food pairing

Ginger shrimp, infused with warmth, dances alongside steamed jasmine rice. The rich notes of shrimp gumbo find solace in crusty French bread. A wedge of creamy Brie cheese awaits crisp apple slices or a drizzle of honey. Crispy tempura shrimp beckon a soy-based dipping sauce with a hint of grated ginger. Oysters on the half shell, kissed by fresh lemon, evoke ocean breezes. And there, amidst crispy bites, the salt & pepper squid craves a zesty dip.