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Winery Bulletin

Foreign Affair Winery Presented the Minister's Award for Innovation

October 7, 2013 - In a presentation ceremony today, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Government of Ontario have awarded The Foreign Affair Winery with The Minister's Award for Innovation for their innovative approach to wine making and their commitment to Ontario viniculture.
Video Report
Full Press Release Here
Innovation Award

Single Varietal Petit Verdot 2010 Now Available!

Available for purchase at Foreign Affair Winery or through our online store. Limited quantities, only 95 cases produced.

W  hen first my lips caressed this Old World temptress, I realized in that very moment that I was entranced deeper than I could fathom. Passion ignited within my heart, and I knew my life was about to change in ways I never imagined possible.

...but what was I to tell my dear wife of 35 years?

The straight truth - I had fallen in love with Amarone-style wines; a Northern Italian winemaking tradition whereby winemakers dry the grapes before they are transformed into wine.

From this unique appassimento process comes wines of incredible depth, richness and complexity.

Upon returning to Canada... I set my mind and passion upon seeing how the appassimento process would translate with grapes grown on home soil.

The result?

Let's just say that many more hearts are about to be set alight.